Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Transgender Beauty in the World

World transgender always attract attention. Curiosity to figure transgender make you look more closely and know more about them. In this world there are many people who do trangender, but not all have the same fate. Here is a transgender who excel in his career.

1. Laverne Cox. Since first appearing as a hair stylist Sophia Burset in Orange The New Black, Laverne choke has become the idol of many people. He has an volume of dry hair and dark skin who tend to the exotic glow made him sebagao one sari figures in Holliwood beauty. In May last Laverne Cox became the model of Time magazine in America.

2. Andrea Pejic. This beautiful model began to shine since 2014. He became a top-class model after plastic surgery almost throughout the body to transform her into a woman's body.

3. Isis King. She is transgender most frequently appeared on the screen. His career skyrocketed after he came out as the first transgender models in the contest America's Next Top Model.

4. Lea T. In addition to success in the fashion world Lea also able to achieve his career in the world of beauty. The owner of this beautiful long hair managed to put a face dar position as Redken and L'Oreal.

Those are some transgender people who managed to succeed in her career.

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